DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero GirlsThe first thing I did upon seeing DC Comics’ announcement about their new initiaitve, “DC Super Hero Girls”, was text the link to my sister, because it seems age appropriate for her 4-year-old daughter (a.k.a. my very precious niece) who is currently completely & utterly obsessed with being a superhero. She has been insisting on wearing her Superman/Supergirl t-shirt everyday! (I’m so proud.)

I’m excited that there will be apparel, TV shows, books and so much more for me to purchase for her, so that I can further encourage her interest in awesome heroes like Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman.

That said, I get what my pal Stitch said in their excellent blog post here. I am always wary when people talk about making things “for girls”–as if girls could not like things that are not “feminised”! As if girls could not like things that are marketed to boys, just because!

Maybe I’m just sensitive because I’ve always liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Polly Pocket (do they still make those? they were so rad) in equal measure. Likewise with Batman and Barbie dolls, or Hot Wheels cars and cupcake princesses. Because really, you don’t have to make something pink for girls to like it. I think it’s more important to cater the entire DC line to boys and girls, and to ensure that the gender and ethnic line-up is as diverse as the world we live in. To make sure little girls can see themselves in these superheroes, just as boys do.

Still, DC is actively trying to court young girls, and I think that is fantastic! I look forward to seeing the fruits of the DC Super Hero Girls initiative.

Convergence: Nightwing & Oracle #1

ROUNDUP – Comics for 08 April 2015

Convergence hit the DC Multiverse this past comics week!

Three of the spin-off titles involves characters from “pre-Flashpoint” Gotham a.k.a. the Dick!Bats era during which Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne were Batman & Robin, Stephanie Brown was Batgirl, Tim Drake was Red Robin, etc. It’s one of my favourite periods of modern era comics, so of course I had to check them out!

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ROUNDUP – Comics for 18 March 2015

I reviewed two comics last week — Ivar, Timewalker #3 and Lumberjanes #12. You can find my reviews for Word of the Nerd at those links; I’ll probably cross-post them here soon.

I did not get a chance to read Silk #2, but I did catch up to Ms. Marvel #12 and Ms. Marvel #13.

Here are some of my favourite panels from the comics I read last week.

EDIT: I forgot to add Bitch Planet #3, omfg, so I’ve just gone and popped that right at the very last.

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Happy Birthday, Dick Grayson!

As my pal Kristen explains, Dick Grayson, the first and best Robin, has had two “in-universe” birthdays: November 11, and March 21. The latter is the most recent “canon” birthday, and fits the spring time imagery of the robin bird.

Dick Grayson is one of my favourite characters ever. Incredibly, 2015 marks the 75th year since he (as Robin) was first created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson to be the Watson to Batman’s Sherlock. Robin is one of the oldest modern superheroes around, pre-dating Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and most characters in the Marvel or DC universes (he’s even older than Joker or Alfred Pennyworth!).

In 1984, a young adult Dick Grayson decided to shed 44 years of Robin by becoming Nightwing. This was Dick’s status quo up until last year, when he became a secret agent after his identity was exposed to the world. Though there was a brief period in 2009-2010 where he temporarily stood in as Batman in place of his mentor Bruce Wayne, who was thought dead at the time.

To celebrate, here are a few fun comic panels of Mr. Grayson in action.

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