FORECAST – Comics for 18 March 2015

A new week means new comics! Here are a few titles I’m looking forward to checking out this week.

Ivar, Timewalker #3Ivar Timewalker #3

This Doctor Who pastiche is wonderfully self-aware, with an exciting chemistry between its two leads, Ivar Anni-Padda and Neela Sethi, and an unflinching mission to tackle the difficult moral quandries presented by the idea of time-travelling. Last issue ended with Neela in the clutches of Nazis, and I can’t wait to see how she and Ivar get out of it.

BleedingCool has the preview here, which introduces a very interesting new character indeed…



Lumberjanes #12Lumberjanes #12

Mal and Molly continue their adventure with the Bear-Lady in this strange world of dinosaurs and other fantastical things! And meanwhile the other Lumberjanes continue their quest to obtain one of the “boring” badges (which frankly sound interesting to me). This is fill-in artist Carolyn Nowak’s last issue before series regular Brooke Allen returns, I believe. This comic continues to be a fun, all-ages comic that captures the magical escapism of summer camp in and spotlight lady characters of all shapes, colours, sizes, and personalities. ComicBookResources has the preview for #12 here.


Silk 002Silk #2

I’m not following all the minutiae of the Marvel universe. I caught a random panel of Spider-Man and Silk having some serious tension a few months ago, thought it was interesting (and hot), but didn’t dwell on it further. When I heard about the Silk ongoing, I thought the character’s code-name was cool and hoped for more of that! Which is terrible of me, really.

Anyway, this comic centres on a character of Chinese ethnicity called Cindy Moon. She was bitten by the same spider that Peter Parker was, giving her similar powers (and that weird sexual chemistry because pheromones woo). Except Cindy Moon was hidden away in a bunker for years until Peter discovered her.

This ongoing covers Cindy’s re-entry into the world, her journey to become a hero of her own volition, and to find her family again. The art by Stacey Lee is ridiculously beautiful and I like how Robbie Thompson writes Cindy — awkward, funny, and independent despite not being up-to-date with contemporary living.

Check out the preview at ComicBookResources.

 Batgirl: Endgame #1

Batgirl Endgame #1

I’m intrigued to see this. When I spoke to Cameron Stewart during SGTCC last year, he was very emphatic that Batgirl should remain a stand-alone book, separate from everything else. Frankly, this is an approach I highly disagree with, because DC’s shared universe and all that entails is why I love it. And inter-character relationships are particularly important in the Batman family of characters. Anyway, it looks like Scott Snyder maybe convinced Stewart & co-writer Brendan Fletcher to maybe give this a shot, and I’m curious to see how this “brighter” Batgirl deals with the intensity and darkness of the Batman: Endgame storyline.

Huffington Post has the preview, and kudos to their writer for giving a shout-out to the Cassandra Cain era of Batgirl (with creators Scott Peterson, Kelly Puckett, and Damion Scott).

Interestingly, this issue also has a much less disturbing cover by Rafael Alburqurque than this one.

Batman: Eternal #50BMETRI_Cv50_ds (1)

I’ve only been reading occasional issues of this because I do not enjoy the book’s constant gloom and doom of everything going wrong for Batman and his allies. The plot has also been going nowhere, it seems. We’re at issue 50 of 52 and the “big bad” has not even been revealed yet. It seems like most fans are betting on Lincoln March as the villain (who else is there, at this point), but I still want to see how they pull this trainwreck together.

Meanwhile, kudos to GothamSpoilers for faithfully reading and re-capping every issue, so that people like me don’t have to slog through. :P

Preview over at HitFix. The cover by Cliff Chiang is hella cool… even if it is missing my favourite member of the Batfamily.

Other books I’ll be checking out this week include a whole bunch of “old” books that are waiting for me at my comic shops (Ms. Marvel #12 and #13, She-Hulk #12 (I know, I know!), Multiversity: Mastermen #1, Bitch Planet #3…).

Hopefully I will also have time to catch up digitally with titles like Batman/Superman, C.O.W.L. and Superman/Wonder Woman, which have issues out this week, but for which I have a bit of a reading backlog, oops.


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