Batman Eternal #51

FORECAST – Comics for 25 March 2015

I should probably rename this blog to “brown girl reads dc comics”… where is the lie. Here’s a couple of titles I’m looking forward to this week:

 Gotham Academy #6Gotham Academy #6 Cover

I think it’s adorable how Olive and Maps have formed a little team of misfits that goes on exciting adventures through the mysterious halls of Gotham Academy. Batman crashed their party at the end of the last issue, but it looks like they deal with him pretty swiftly, if this preview is anything to go by.

Killer Croc looking out for Olive is adorable, though I still don’t really get why she isn’t so hot on Batman. She’s still a bit of a mysterious blank slate for me, maybe too much of a “POV character” in that she functions more as the reader’s avatar still, rather than feeling like a fully-realised person… but maybe I’ll feel differently once I do a proper re-read of these last six issues.

Effigy #3Effigy #3 Cover

Newsarama describes this new Vertigo series as being about “a former child TV (star) living an adult life as a police detective” in their preview of issue #3, which works, but misses out a lot of the wacky nuances. Like the TV show being a weird, low-budget cult sci-fi show, or the setting of a weird little small town. The plot impetus is not any old murder, but the mummification of the corpse to resemble a thousand-year old cadaver.

Everything feels just the tad bit sinister, including the quirky supporting cast. Marley Zarcone’s art, on the other hand, is quite personable. I don’t know if the contrast is intentional, but it does leave me with confused feelings and a lack of surety about whether these characters are awful, or just awful in the way that all human beings are flawed and awful.

I plan to review Effigy this week, so keep a look out!

Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1

Multiversity Ultra Comics #1 Cover

The Multiversity has been the ultimate piece of meta-textual fiction; and Morrison weaves it all in with the multiverse concept in a way only he can. This series so far has a love letter to comics that is full of layers of meaning, yes, but also full of great action, suspense/excitement, and emotional character beats.

The new issue takes us to Earth-33, also known as Earth-Prime, which is “our” universe, by the way. No, really — the Guidebook describes it as:

“[A] mysterious world without superheroes… [that] exerts a powerful and unknown influence on the development of the entire Multiverse. Monitor conjecture suggests that ideas created by ordinary human minds on Earth-Prime become realities on other worlds of the [Multiverse].”

Too cool! Paste Magazine has both a preview and a meaty interview with Grant Morrison — though I’m “saving” the interview for until I read the issue! Dough Mahnke’s art in these preview pages is the best I’ve ever seen it, daaaaayum.

Batman Eternal #51Batman Eternal #51 Cover

I gotta see this through, now. And I will say these preview pages at MTV news look very exciting, indeed (as they have to be, with just 2 issues to finish everything up!). Arthur Brown/Cluemaster stripping away “the Bat” feels sufficiently violating (and that image of the cowl and cape floating away as Gotham burns, wow), but it’s also interesting to see Bruce, unmasked, bleeding, but still completely in Batman-mode.

Also really good to see that Alvaro Martinez is back on art as this series kicks into its climax/last issues!


Batman & Robin #40Batman and Robin #40 Cover

Pete Tomasi’s run on the character draws to a close with this issue, which is also the final one of the series. It’ll be replaced by a Robin: Son of Batman title in June, to be written and drawn by Patrick Gleason who has also done the art for most of Tomasi’s run.

I’m not particularly interested in a super-powered Robin, but I’m curious to see how Tomasi ties everything back together. Gleason’s art has been rocking it these past few issues, anyway, and the preview at Multiversity Comics looks glorious.




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