ROUNDUP – Comics for 18 March 2015

I reviewed two comics last week — Ivar, Timewalker #3 and Lumberjanes #12. You can find my reviews for Word of the Nerd at those links; I’ll probably cross-post them here soon.

I did not get a chance to read Silk #2, but I did catch up to Ms. Marvel #12 and Ms. Marvel #13.

Here are some of my favourite panels from the comics I read last week.

EDIT: I forgot to add Bitch Planet #3, omfg, so I’ve just gone and popped that right at the very last.

Ivar, Timewalker #3

I loved this issue! It’s VERY hard to choose a favourite panel. But this one is epic, and can be used for other things, so…

Ivar, Timewalker #3

 Lumberjanes #12

Review here! I have to say that the resolution on review copies that BOOM! is… really crap. I got my own digital copy so I could post a nice panel here, and it made me realise just how cute, detailed and vibrant the art (by Carolyn Nowak) is.

Lumberjanes #12

Thor #6

I was randomly reminded to catch up on this and Thor #5. Thor #5 featured my favourite character, Sif, but I didn’t care for how she was written. No matter, because the writing and art in #6 were stunning. What a pleasure to see how Russell Dauterman has grown since his work on my favourite indie comic ever, Supurbia. Beautiful colours by Matthew Wilson too.

Thor #6

 Batgirl: Endgame #1

This turned out to be a wordless issue, which was a fun way of showing Barbara in action during the event of Batman: Endgame and showing her as a hero, without engaging in the minutiae of actually trying to incorporate the plot. There was also a nice callback to Gail Simone’s Batgirl: Future’s End issue which features a “league of Batgirls”, including Tiffany Fox. Here, Barbara saves Tiffany (helps her save herself, even)… presumably leading the young girl to pursue a superhero career of her own. The art by Bengal was prettyful.

Batgirl Endgame #1

Batman: Eternal #50

The villain was revealed to be Cluemaster, which I frankly found to be a bust. Like, really? You make us believe he’s the C-list help for issues and now expect us to believe he is not only a huge mastermind, but one who figured out Batman’s identity, recruited all these villains, broke into the Bat-cave…

Red herring or not, I think leaving the climax and resolution to the last two issues of a 52-issue series is pitiful. The whole point of putting characters through the ringer is seeing them appear stronger after. But with this, it’ll be like they went through all this crap, and then… no follow up, resolution. What is the point?

The art was pretty, though. DC, please bring back Alvaro Martinez (pencils), Raul Fernandez (inks) & June Chung (colours) for more Bat books!

PS: There’s a great discussion over at GothamSpoilers about this issue.

Batman Eternal #50

Ms. Marvel #12

Ms. Marvel #12

Loki, Thor’s half-brother who is currently on the side of the gods as an “Agent of Asgard” is sent to New Jersey to check out the situation with the Inventor. Somehow this leads to him crashing Kamala’s high school prom and dosing the punch with truth serum. Ms. Marvel and the students put a stop to this mischief, but I don’t get the big deal, personally. We could all use a bit of fearless straight talking now and then, lbr. (I kid, non-consensual truth serum is bad! Don’t do it, kids!)

Ms. Marvel #13

A new arc begins! And wow, this one is a keeper. How can I choose just one panel? Guest artist Tak Miyazawa did an amazing job on this issue. Kamala is reunited with an old family friend; a South Asian boy close to her age, who meets her parents approval, AND enjoy War of WarBattlecraft. It’s just too good to be true. He has to be a villain, right?

The jury is still out on that, but more interestingly… he turns out to be Inhuman, too, just like Kamala. No way! Can’t wait to see how this pans out. Though this panel from issue #14 posted by Sana Amanat on the Ms. Marvel tumblr makes me feel both reassured and melancholic — seems Kamran won’t turn out to be a bad guy (I don’t think I could take that level of heartbreak), but I think Kamala’s first pass at young love is going to be over even before it starts. :(

The panel below is such a lovely callback to the first modern superhero (and the pioneer of the age of superhero comics), Superman. He’d be so proud!

Ms. Marvel #13

Bitch Planet #3

I forgot to include this earlier, which is a total travesty! This issue is about Penny Rolle, and it is both sad, frustrating and uplifting. The “sad” part because we see how Penny’s childhood was happy and loving until her mother was taken away for undoubtedly ridiculous reasons (perhaps for being “too fat” in the eyes of the so-called fathers who run the show in this ‘verse… and sadly, in our own existence),  and “frustrating” not because it’s bad, but because it hits too close to home about the pressures and sexism that women face in the modern world. The best sci-fi/fantasy uses strange settings to put our society under a lens, and Kelly Sue DeConnick pulls no punches about t. All I can say is… I am proudly #non-compliant.

This panel below makes me shudder because I’m pretty sure “mother” (the blonde lady) isn’t just talking about Penny’s hair… and that makes it strike a bit too close to home in terms of how girls, women, and ladies everywhere are often expected to just lie down and takes life’s hits; to not fight back or stand up for ourselves.

Bitch Planet #3


That’s all for now. Look out for my forecast post looking forward to comics for this upcoming week!


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