Batman Eternal #51

ROUNDUP – Comics for 25 March 2015

SPOILERS, peeps, for comics old and new!

Effigy #3

I did indeed write a review for this, as promised, and it’s scheduled for tomorrow. I’ll update this post with a link once it’s up.

I’m still loving this series. It has a vibe that reminds of Sleepy Hollow (the TV show) just a tad — the “sinister small town,  its somewhat quirky inhabitants, murder mysteries & supernatural shenanigans” aspect of it, anyway.

Effigy #3

 Gotham Academy #6

Best. Ending. EVER!

Olive has a confrontation with Batman, in which she tells him off, and also lies that she doesn’t have Millie Jane Cobblepot’s diary any longer. Unfortunately for her, Batman isn’t easily fooled. He sends his son Damian to infiltrate Olive’s room in Gotham Academy, which leads to the cute scene below.

Bruce looks so proud!

Looks like Damian is going undercover in Gotham Academy, and I cannot wait.

Gotham Academy #6

Batman & Robin #40

Cute issue in which Batman arranges for a team up with the Justice League so Damian can hopefully use and deplete his powers. It works! Which means Damian is back to being a regular old human (well, as regular as a super genius baby ninja can be — but he is the son of Batman & grandson of Ra’s al Ghul, after all). But it does make me wonder what the point of the powers were, in the bigger picture.

There is a nice sequence at the end where Bruce is happy to have his son back and by his side as they fly through Gotham’s night skies. It’s a cute ending to the series.

But I’m still disappointed that there was zero (0) mention of Dick Grayson’s “death”. :(

Batman and Robin 40 LR

Batman Eternal #51

Called. It. Baby brother is baaaaaaaack!

Did they really need to leave it to the second last issue, though? :/ I feel like they could’ve revealed the villain & hit the climax earlier… given more time to draw out this confrontation, and also more time to clear both the resolution and follow up.

As it is, it seems like Eternal is going to have a rushed ending, and have little consequence for anything else. And again I ask: so what the heck is the point of seeing Gotham, Batman, and his allies go through complete hell for this last one year?


Multiversity: Mastermen #1

No Multiversity: Ultra Comics this week because the comics shipments to Singapore have been delayed to Monday (!).

So this was interesting. It focuses on Overman, a.k.a. Superman-if-he-landed-in-Nazi-Germany — a fellow we would consider the bad guy here on Earth-33. In the book, he starts to doubt himself and the cause he represents. Meanwhile, the peeps we would consider the good guys (fighting for truth, liberty, and the American way), led by Uncle Sam, are the ones working for the antagonists of this series, the Gentry. Some great beats here — there’s even a scene where Overman is at the opera (Wagner, of course), and it echoes the operatic beats of story itself.

Really liked seeing the lady Flash of this particular universe!

Multiversity: Mastermen #1


She-Hulk #12

I finally got to collect my copy of this. Inexplicably, the comic gave me a variant cover (something I didn’t realise till I got home, but which I guess is my own fault for not collecting it earlier), which messes up my collection of Kevin Wada covers. :(

I have to say this story was quite chilling. Still, all the loose ends have been tied up, ending what has been a phenomenal volume of She-Hulk stories. Here’s hoping Charles Soule returns to the character sooner than later.

She-Hulk #12

Captain Marvel #11

This was the Christmas issue, but I was only recently able to get a hold of it because my comic shop inexplicably forgot to get it for me (despite being subscribed to the last 10 issues!). It was a cute story but I will have to revisit it next Christmas to properly appreciate it, I think.

Captain Marvel #11


 Captain Marvel #12-#13

I’m grouping these two issues together because they form one story together. A story that involves Warp Bears… that not coincidentally resemble water bears. :D

Captain Marvel #12

The banter between Carol and her ship’s computer, Harrison (named after Harrison Ford, mayhap), and I’m not going to lie, I spent a few minutes cackling at the scene below.

I realise now it has some similarities to scenes in Interstellar, yet another excellent space travel film.

Captain Marvel #13



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