Throwback Thursday (On Friday)

This past week on Instagram and Twitter, I posted a letter of mine that was published in Ms. Marvel #2 exactly one year ago.

Ms. Marvel #2

For some reason, it was attributed to “Yamini Marley”, even though I didn’t actually sign off with a last name. That was kind of a strange, surreal moment, but I’ve been excited to discover that my letter resonated with other people, too: Jezebel included it in a write-up (!!!) as did CCM-Entropy.

Since I sent that letter, Ms. Marvel remains a reliable book in my pull-list. It’s also been a pleasure, this past year, to watch people embrace Ms. Marvel as much as they have, both comics newbies and oldbiesIt’s really an old-school kind of superhero book, in the style of of the old Stan Lee/Jack Kirby stories and appropriate for the YA set–though of course updated for contemporary times.

Excitingly, this is not my first or only published letter. A letter I submitted to Journey Into Mystery (during the run by Kathryn Immonen & Valerio Schiti where Sif was the lead) was also published, this time in issue #653, way back in 2013. I was too embarrassed then to sign off with my distinctly un-Christian/Western name!

Journey Into Mystery is a long running title that featured the debut of Thor in issue #83, as created by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Larry Lieber.

Journey Into Mystery #653

Was I overly effusive? Maybe. But no regrets, because sometime after I submitted this letter, it was announced that Journey Into Mystery would be ended with #655. So discovering this letter in the back of the issue (sadly belatedly; unable to go to my comic shop for a few months, I had accumulated a backlog of comics by the time I got to this one) was a bittersweet moment. It was such a good book, featuring a lady protagonist who was allowed to be stubborn, flawed and dorky even as she held her own as a renowned warrior in a warrior culture. The art by newcomer Valerio Schiti was also flippin’ beautiful.

Every once in a while I think about this series and feel sad that it all ended too soon. It was very underrated and under the radar, but I’m glad I could let the wonderfully talented people behind it know that hey, here is one reader who enjoyed every minute of the ride. And that’s the beauty of letter columns!

I may have to do a re-read or retrospective review of this run at some point.

Journey Into Mystery #650



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