Batman vs. Superman Trailer

No comics round up for this week as I have been too busy to read comics, alas! And I didn’t want to rush through them just to write up a blog post. But a Batman vs. Superman trailer has been released, so I thought I’d make some quick comments about that.

  • I didn’t hate it! But it’s a 2-minute trailer, and I can’t say I loved it either. It was certainly very ~stylish, everything looks badass, in the way that Zack Snyder’s work usually is. But I’ve also found that his work often lacks coherence and/or substance, or ends up over-thinking itself, so we will see how the movie itself pans out.
  • I’m very over Snyder’s obsession with the Superman-as-Messiah!Jesus imagery. Given that Superman was created by poor Jewish immigrants, it feels particularly disingenuous. It’s not even Superman-as-badass-Jesus-who-helped-the-poor-and-defied-tyranny. Superman as a messiah doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t think it’s the more intellectual or modern approach to super-powered beings in our midst, either.
  • From a meta perspective, Batman as a hero at the end of his career while Superman is beginning it, is pretty funny–given that Superman kickstarted the whole superhero comics juggernaut.
  • I do have to wonder what happens in this movie to go from Batman & Superman going against each other (maybe it actually only takes up a few minutes in the film!) to founding the Justice League.
  • I am still going to catch this in the theatre on the first day of its release, negl.




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