Follow These Cool Comics Peeps (If You Want)

Comics Sites

There are loads of comics blogs out there on the interwebs. These are just the main favourites I turn to for news & interesting editorials/articles/etc.

  • DC Comics Twitter & Instagram
    They have a website too, but I prefer to follow their Twitter and Instagram for links to news about media related to DC Comics and Vertigo (including television & movies).
  • The Mary Sue
    This is a great news site which covers all sorts of geek news while seeking to create a safe space for women. It’s one of the few sites where I actively read comments, because the discussion is often civil, intelligent and thought-provoking.
  • GothamSpoilers
    I’m a huge fan of the Batman family, but I don’t have the time or resources to keep up with all the comics the fall under the Batman group of titles. GothamSpoilers has been a consistently reliable source for news, recaps and opinions for most of them (they do have an exclusion list–but most titles in there have been cancelled/discontinued, so the list of ongoing comics that aren’t actually covered is very small). I don’t always agree with them either, but their comics reviews at least are usually balanced.
  • dcwomenkickingass
    Don’t be fooled by the name. This blog is a unique, go-to resource for news about ladies all over comics, not just DC — creators, characters, and everyone in between.


This is not a comprehensive list of comics creators who have an online presence, this is just a small selection of people I enjoy following.

  • Kelly Sue DeConnick
    Ms. DeConnick is one of my favourite comics writers. Her stories carry a sense of optimism that always resonates with me. I love how her protagonists are often flawed, yes, but in a way that feels real and easy to relate to. Ever since the first comic I read by Kelly Sue (Sif), I have yet to encounter a comic from her that I haven’t enjoyed. She is also one of the most fantastically accessible and inclusive creators I’ve seen around social media.
  • Greg Pak
    Greg writes a bunch of ongoing comics, including Batman/Superman and Action Comics for DC, as well as Storm for Marvel and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for Dynamite. He often answers fan questions on his Tumblr, which is great. I love his work on Action Comics, and I also appreciate his efforts to write more inclusive and diverse comics. Speaking of which, he also runs the diversecomics tumblr.
  • Marguerite Bennett
    Tumblr of Marguerite Bennett, rising comics star, which is filled with reblogs of fun stuff about comics and all sorts of media.
  • G Willow Wilson
    Ms. Wilson writes the current Ms. Marvel ongoing; she also wrote Vixen for DC Comics several years ago, and has put out award-winning prose work. She isn’t a prolific tweeter, but I enjoy her tweets and re-tweets which are more often related to general & pop culture news rather than Ms. Marvel specifically (although of course she retweets lots of awesome Ms. Marvel things fans tweet at her).
  • Greg Capullo
    Greg is the artist on the top-selling Batman comic. His art is amazing, but he himself is constantly pushing the envelope it shows in how his art keeps getting better with each issue. He often posts teasers of his art for Batman, which are always fun to look at. Something else that comes through his Twitter is his fantastic work ethic, but he also doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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