ROUNDUP – Comics for 18 March 2015

I reviewed two comics last week — Ivar, Timewalker #3 and Lumberjanes #12. You can find my reviews for Word of the Nerd at those links; I’ll probably cross-post them here soon.

I did not get a chance to read Silk #2, but I did catch up to Ms. Marvel #12 and Ms. Marvel #13.

Here are some of my favourite panels from the comics I read last week.

EDIT: I forgot to add Bitch Planet #3, omfg, so I’ve just gone and popped that right at the very last.

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Memetic #1

COMMENTARY – Memetic #3

If you’ve been anywhere near Tumblr lately, you’ll probably been exasperated by the “crave that mineral” meme that has inexplicably and rapidly went viral, to the point where even luxury brands like Tiffany’s and Mercedes-Benz were referencing it on their social media accounts. It’s not the first meme to gain traction and it won’t be the last, but it felt particularly relevant as I caught up on Memetic, a three-part comic series published by BOOM! Studios.

Memetic, created and written by James Tynion IV (BatmanBatman Eternal), also features an animal-based image (a sloth) slowly taking over the internet. People go into a frenzy over it, as they often do with internet memes, but things take a sinister turn when said frenzy involves homicidal zombification.

I wrote a review of Memetic #3 (the final part of the mini-series) for Word of the Nerd — you can find it here, and I’ve also cross-posted it below.



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Lumberjanes #9

COMMENTARY – Lumberjanes #9

I’ve got a review of Lumberjanes #9 up at Word of the Nerd!

Noelle Stevenson and gang have done a great job with this issue, which appears to be a special “filler” before we kick off the next arc on the comic. Filler issues usually equates to guest artists, and the editorial team took advantage of the opportunity to bring an all-star cast of creators on board.

Multiple artists on the book is often a mixed bag — it’s often because the designated artist couldn’t finish the work on time, or part of a hit/miss anthology. Here, the wildly differing styles of Faith Erin Hicks, Becca Tobin et al. work to the benefit of the issue’s plot, which sees our protagonists sitting around a campfire relating ghost stories.

Here’s a quick run down of some of my favourite panels from this issue —

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