REVIEW – Gotham Academy #3

Gotham Academy is one of the breakout books of the recent Bat-renaissance. It’s got a “Hogwarts in Gotham” sort of vibe, featuring a young and diverse cast of new characters as they receive their education in the mysterious and ancient institution of Gotham Academy. Sure, they aren’t training to be witches and wizards, but there’s a definite supernatural element here, and it’s utterly fascinating. And like those wonderful Harry Potter books, the creators drop lots of hints and Easter Eggs about the wider DC/Bat world the comic inhabits. Notably, Gotham Academy is also possibly the only book within DC Comics’ main New 52 line that is suitable for younger (though perhaps not too young) audiences.

browngirlcomics is proud to present a wonderful review of Gotham Aacdemy #3, written by my close pal Zina, who also happens to be a very excellent writer and knowledgeable comics fan!

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