Grayson #4

GUEST POST – Trope Subversion in Grayson

I didn’t get a chance to review either Grayson #7 or Grayson #8 thanks to Life Stuff™. Sadness. I’d really wanted to cover Grayson #8, since it’s the last issue we’ll be getting for two months (until DC Comics’ Convergence event gets out of the way). But I ended up having to make a super last minute overseas trip, on emergency family business, alas, and computer time has been low on the ground here. Once I get home later this week, I hope to do a Grayson retrospective summing up all eight issues so far, but suffice to say that issue #8 was a fantastic “season 1 finale” to this fledgling series and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

For now, I’m all over this amazing commentary that my friend Zina has agreed to share here. One of my favourite things about Grayson is how it goes “against the grain” to typical comic books, and the spy genre especially, and Zina has de-constructed the exact nuances of that with way more skill than I could ever manage. So enough talk from me, onward to the post!

Grayson #8

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Secret Origins #8

5 Things We Learned From Secret Origins #8

Secret Origins launched back in April 2014 with three origin stories: Superman, Supergirl, and the first Robin, Dick Grayson. This last was penned by Kyle Higgins, who had already given us his take on the New 52 origin of Robin in Nightwing #0. His Secret Origin story — which I found to be poignant and lovely — turned out to be an expansion of that, in a way; continuing the #0 issue, while also correcting some of the problems readers had with it.

So I was surprised to see that Dick Grayson would getting a second go-around in Secret Origins, this time in issue #8. Ostensibly, this story is meant to be the origin of Dick as a secret agent for Spyral. In actuality, it’s more of a “stock-take” for Dick Grayson in the New 52. Written by Tim Seeley (who has yet to write a comic I have disliked – I hope he takes the lead on more Grayson stories in the coming months) and illustrated by Stephen Mooney, the conceit of this particular “secret origin” is that it’s a history of the character re-told by Helena Bertinelli to her boss at the secret spy agency Spyral.

Given that the Batfamily timelines are a bit of a mess in the reboot DC universe, getting us up to speed is no bad thing. Read on to see what we learned (and/or confirmed) in Secret Origins #8.

Secret Origins #8

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Grayson #5

COMMENTARY – Grayson #5

The combination of Dick Grayson shirtless + carrying a baby from Grayson #5 is proving popular on Tumblr. Those were great aspects of the comic, definitely, but I was left more ambivalent by the issue. It was like literary fiction in comic form — and gosh, I do hate literary fiction. Which is interesting, given that most of my own fiction work seems to emulate the style of literary fiction by being character-driven, rather than plot driven.Perhaps that is why I prefer the fiction I read to be plot-driven — because it provides a form of creative expression that I, personally, struggle to create.

Regardless, have my thoughts on Grayson #5 below, taken from my write-up(s) for Graysonology & Word of the Nerd. Please do also check out my pal A.’s excellent commentary over at the Graysonology post — as always, she nails it!

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COMMENTARY – Grayson #3

[This review originally appeared at Graysonology.]

This issue left me with a lot of feelings: not bad feelings, necessarily, but it certainly got me thinking. Much has been made out of the idea of Dick Grayson using guns (notably on the first issue covers by Mikel Janin & Andrew Robinson respectively). Having read Grayson #3, I’m pleased to see that the writers are on the same page as I am regarding this topic.

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