The Flash 1.01

GUEST POST – CW’s The Flash (1.01)

DC Comics has had a long tradition of its properties being adapted into fairly successful television shows — from Batman in the ’60s, Wonder Woman in the ’70s, all the way up to The Adventures of Lois & Clark in the ’90s and Smalliville in the early 2000s.

Fast forward to the modern day, where Arrow has ushered in a new era of DC TV for this new decade–reflecting the grim-dark paradigm that Christopher Nolan made so famous with his Dark Knight film trilogy.

Objectively, Arrow isn’t a bad show. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s not amazing, either. The acting is often painful, the mood dour, and frankly, it feels like “Batman-lite”. As I understand it, the producers wanted to do a Batman show, weren’t allowed to, and so set about trying to turn another hero into Batman. What even is the point? And I ask that as someone who very much likes Batman & his allies–I would rather just have batman, not a wannabe.

The Flash, happily, is a different story. It’s light-hearted, doesn’t take itself as seriously, and rides completely on the appeal of its titular character. Being on the CW network, it has all the trappings of a teen soap opera, but it’s still an enjoyable watch. So I’m very happy to feature this guest post by my friend Oz, discussing one of the many cool tropes used in The Flash, specifically the pilot episode! Check it out below!

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