ROUNDUP – Comics for 18 March 2015

I reviewed two comics last week — Ivar, Timewalker #3 and Lumberjanes #12. You can find my reviews for Word of the Nerd at those links; I’ll probably cross-post them here soon.

I did not get a chance to read Silk #2, but I did catch up to Ms. Marvel #12 and Ms. Marvel #13.

Here are some of my favourite panels from the comics I read last week.

EDIT: I forgot to add Bitch Planet #3, omfg, so I’ve just gone and popped that right at the very last.

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Ivar, Timewalker

COMMENTARY – Ivar, Timewalker #2

Ivar Anni-Padda, the eldest of an ancient clan of legendary adventurers, has spent his life tracking time arcs – portals that allow him to travel to different periods in Earth’s history. He is brilliant, cunning, charming, and more than a little devious. He is… Ivar, Timewalker.”

Thanks to an article/review by Chris Sims at ComicsAlliance, I have become acquainted with a cool new indie comic series called Ivar, Timewalker. Published by Valiant Comics, written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Clayton Henry (pencils) and Brian Reber (colours), Ivar, Timewalker is like Doctor Who, except–in my opinion–less boring and pretentious. It’s a sort of self-aware pastiche, where the comic’s creators seem to have put their own spin on the concept of a lone, dashing time-traveler in a three-piece suit and his educated-but-new-to-time-travel-shenanigans human companion. Unconstrained by TV budgets, however, they’re free to tell an adventurous story that feels exciting, unpredictable, mysterious, and just plain fun.

Plus, my initially favourable impression that they based their “companion” character on Martha Jones only ballooned once I realised the character was actually a physicist (PhD and all) of South Asian descent. Brown girls represent!

Issue #1 sees Ivar rescue/hijack Dr. Neela Sethi, and take her across time and space to flee from the Promeathans, “a group of artificial cyborg drones from the Fifth Dimension (as someone who has often been kept awake pondering beings who’ve figured out how to manipulate the fifth dimension, this is hitting all my metaphysics buttons). It ends with a shocking revelation–that an older, cybernetically-enhanced is the leader of these Promethans, from the vantage of an orbiting city no less, and she’s out for revenge against Ivar. Is Ivar really a good guy, or is he the bad guy of the piece, having betrayed Neela in some terrible way? The shades of grey here are super intriguing, not to mention older cyborg Neela looks totally badass.

I took the opportunity to review Issue #2 for Word of the Nerd – check it out on the site, or under the cut below.

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